Everyone enjoys flowers and plants. However, in order to continue enjoying them in the future, we need to act responsibly when it comes to our planet and its resources. We can all contribute in our own small way to maintaining a more sustainable world. You can, for example, place custom orders for flowers from DGI daily, directly from the grower. This results in more efficient delivery and avoids having to throw away old flowers.

DGI has invested in sustainability from the outset. During the construction of our company building, the highest quality insulation materials were used, so that virtually no heating is needed in the production hall. The lighting is also as energy-efficient as possible. In addition, the cooling system also employs the latest efficiency technology, which means that a minimum amount of electricity is consumed.

DGI takes sustainability into account on a daily basis and includes this philosophy in all strategic decisions. But when practising a sustainable way of doing business, it also comes down to the smaller things, such as separating our waste. We use reusable packaging where possible to minimize the amount of packaging waste, and all remaining waste is separated for recycling. Among other things, we separate cardboard, plastic and green waste. Thanks to G-fresh and very accurate stock planning, we keep our own stock as low as possible.

The products in our web store with the G-fresh logo are guaranteed to have been sustainably grown. All growers selected by G-fresh are MPS certified. Their flowers have a cutting date and are, on average, three days fresher than a standard delivery. This ensures that your purchased flowers are not only always of the finest quality, but also sustainable.

In order to encourage sustainability outside of our own company, we also participate in various projects. We are the proud bearer of the following certificates; MPS Good Trade Practice, Fairtrade, and Bio (SKAL). We also participate in FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative).


DGI is proud to be the bearer of the MPS certificate for Good Trade Practice. This certificate ensures that we are transparent about our products and that we always know where our products are sourced. The GTP certificate is specifically for traders in the horticultural industry and guarantees a code of conduct regarding quality, the environment, and employees.


The word says it all: fair trade. By buying and selling Fairtrade products, we always know that these products have been produced in a fair way and that nothing and no one has been harmed in their production. Fairtrade certification is not only important for producers, but also for wholesalers and retailers. By purchasing Fairtrade products, you will also be contributing to the local charitable projects of the producer of your product!


Our SKAL certification means that we sell organic products. No pesticides were used in the production of our organically grown products. Organic flowers are the most environmentally friendly flowers and plants available.