DGI, the shortest link between customer and grower.

A deep respect for nature and a passion for beautiful flowers is part of our DNA. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy beautiful flowers. As a result, we not only strive for freshness every day, but are also committed to listening to and advising our customers. We enable florists and wholesalers to buy directly from the grower. As a result, our flowers are on average three to seven days fresher than flowers that are purchased through traditional channels. In addition, all our growers are MPS certified. You will receive flowers of immaculate quality, cultivated with love and respect. These flowers are grown sustainably, with the focus on people and nature. Also ingrained in our business philosophy is our empathy for the florist. We regularly visit the nurseries, not only to see how the crops are doing, but also to exchange ideas with the growers about how we can help and support florists. The flower business is, and will always be, a People's Business with a personal touch.

Flowers, more than just a luxury product

Flowers have long been considered a luxury product but various studies have shown that flowers and plants are actually indispensable. People who look at flowers and marvel at their fascinating shapes and colours are noticeably more relaxed and, at the same time, more energetic. Thanks to our fast delivery from the nursery to the final customer, people are able to enjoy their flowers for a lot longer. Sustainably grown flowers, harvested at perfect maturity and fresher than ever, bring joy to the customer and sell themselves.

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Floral Fundamentals

Flowers from the grower are a semi-finished product. It’s the artistic skill of the florists that transforms the flowers into the beautiful, inspiring creations that they ultimately become. We support the florists 100% and are a co-founder of Floral Fundamentals, a free digital magazine. Four editions are published annually, of around 125 pages each. The magazine is full of interesting facts that the florist can use in conversation with customers. There are also articles on growers and floral designers, and in each edition, there are at least seventy flower arrangements, which include their botanical names and the name of the grower. These arrangements are created by a team of approximately one hundred international floral stylists, and serve as inspirational examples to florists. Whether in small or large variations, they’re just what the customer wants. Well-known arrangers who have contributed to the magazine include the expert master florist Gregor Lersch, world champions Stein Are Hansen and Alex Choi, and the European champions Natalia Zizko and Tamás Mezőffy.

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