Ok.. so now we all know what’s in a mc Donalds burger. We all KNOW that our children play moren and more videogames and our society is turning in to to a purely consumer based system.

And yet.. even though we try to buy all (I tend to get tempted by cheaper varieties on occasion)  our food biological. It sadly doesn’t always work that way.

We all did it together. Consumers want lower prices, the market responded with just that.. Lower prices are great but cost us dearly in other fronts. With higher production in greens came more pesticides and lets not even speak of the gen manipulations done to make our vegetables more  appealing to the supermarket shopping consumers and what these ways of mass productions have done to our bee population (who take care of a 3rd of our worlds food production) and so much more. We all KNOW this.

When projects like this come along my heart gets a little lighter… This school gardening project is one of the many initiatives going at the moment to improve our own ways. Start educating kids in growing their own greens at school. Kids who grow food have been proven to eat more vegetables in general!

As it shows in the video a lot of schools are reluctant when it comes to having a school garden, taking in mind; money, teachers who are not confident to teach a subject like this and space. But that, to my opinion can all be dealt with. Money? Gardening and growing food does not have to be expensive! Space? Take an example of the vertical gardens in the classroom itself.. and teachers not knowing the subject? Maybe in the hopefully green future our teachers (and ourselves) could grow in to this together?

Among the good examples about school gardening we found this one:

Edible learning lab