Houseplant of the month October: Purifying Green

Did you know that plants are more than just beautiful decoration for your home? Studies of NASA prove that plants are also good for you and the environment.

Studies have shown that some plants take in harmful substances, besides that they make co2 and maintain the humidity in your house.

The stars in this category are Spathiphyllum, Gerbera, Nephrolepis and Ivy.

The NASA Clean Air study recommends one plant per 10m2 with a pot size of 15-20 cm. The quantity of soil is important; the more soil, the more microorganism the plants can absorb.

The air-purifying plants are not only good for peoples home, but also for offices and classrooms. With the many different varieties available, you can make a beautiful green decoration.

For more information go to where you find much more details and care tips about these air-purifying plants.