At DGI, quality has been paramount for three decades. We supply top quality cut flowers, houseplants and garden plants. But we provide even more. Because when it comes to service and account management, we gladly walk that extra mile.

Our customers greatly appreciate our efforts. We specialise in delivering to wholesalers, the C&C market and the DIY market in Eastern and Western Europe. We act as the eyes for our customers in the Netherlands, and our customers see DGI as their partner in the market for flowers and plants.

Top quality in flowers and plants

All DGI employees share a boundless dedication to their product and a total commitment to their customers. Previous to purchase, our product managers and account managers personally evaluate the flowers and plants – your guarantee for the best products at the best price.

Our professionals are your eyes in the marketplace, the ones who spot the real plums that are just right for you. They also make frequent visits to growers to track down special products and new introductions to help you distinguish yourself in your market.

Quality and service

DGI focuses on being flexible in order to cater to your preferences. Special packaging? No problem! Your selling price appearing on the label of the packaging? We’ll see to it! Or how about letting your customers buy through you directly from our webshop? Just give us the word!

Traditional craftsmanship and expertise combined with the latest ICT technologies let us deliver your shipments right on time, no matter what the destination in Eastern and Western Europe. You can rely on perfect, presentable deliveries ready for immediate sale.

The power of personal contact

At DGI, we get to know all our customers personally. When you deal with us, you have a dedicated account manager who knows your sales market inside and out. Your account manager has an instinctive feel for what your market needs. This expertise makes doing business not only pleasant and efficient, it also helps you sell even more flowers and plants.

Expert advice

We spot opportunities for you in your sales market and can also advise you in determining an optimum selling price for flowers and plants. If you would like, we can also provide you with benchmark information so that you know how other companies in your market are operating or how similar companies in neighbouring countries are performing.

Inspiring collaboration

The market in flowers and plants is subject to the whims of fashion and always on the move. To make sure that your customers are kept constantly u to date about new products, opportunities and trends, we organise inspirig product and design shows. We also hold workshops for your customers and your personnel to make their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm a guarantee for your success.